Job and internship opportunities for EU-nurses

start a nursing career in dutch healthcare

Work as a nurse in The Netherlands​

Join our unique program

We designed a unique program to help you integrate in the Netherlands, because we believe that differences in language, culture, habits and working methods should not get in the way of applying for your dream job.

Free Dutch language courses

To succeed as a nurse in Dutch Healthcare, it’s crucial to speak the client’s language. First, we teach you to speak Dutch on level A2. After the introduction period (or internship) in the Netherlands you continue to learn Dutch at the level required to work as a nurse, level B1++. 

Introduction to the Netherlands

We want you to get used to the Dutch healthcare system as soon as possible. Therefore we arrange an introduction period of several  months at a Dutch nursing home.
We would love to welcome you!

Full-time contract

The ultimate goal of this program; a full-time contract as a nurse! Guaranteed 36 hours a week and a salary up to nearly €37.000 a year. On top of that, there are multiple opportunities to follow your ambition. 

Are you a EU certified nurse or do you attend nursing education in Europe?
Do you want to work and live in the Netherlands?
Learn more about the program!

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