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We designed a unique programme for nurses to help you integrate in the Netherlands, because we believe that the differences in language, culture, habits and working methods should not get in the way of pursuing your dream nursing career in the Netherlands.

Dutch language for a successful nursing career

To be successful as a nurse in Netherlands it is crucial that you understand not only what the patient or resident means, but also what the doctor says and what your colleague wants to tell you when transferring shifts. You must be able to communicate with your patient in the same way as your colleague nurse with a Dutch diploma. This requires much more than everyday Dutch. Eduployment’s carefully developed language programme takes all this into account.

Language training for nurses - get it for free

Are you a qualified nurse who intends to make a nursing career in the Netherlands? Or are you an assistant nurse who wants to obtain your EU recognised nursing diploma during paid work? Or perhaps you want a boost on your CV and try out your profession in one of the world’s TOP 10 countries in healthcare, as a participant of the Erasmus+ internship programme for nurses? Whichever box you tick, Eduployment is the best choice for you. Just read the testimonials below. And the whole Eduployment programme for nurses is probably FREE for you, too. Ask for it!

Nursing Internship / full-time employment contract and career

Each of our nursing programmes is most rewarding. Firstly, it is educational, especially as the Netherlands is among the world’s TOP 10 countries in healthcare; while at the same time you maintain an excellent work-life balance. As a nursing intern you will also receive additional financial support. If you opt for a full-time contract as a nurse, you will be guaranteed 36 hours (full-time) per week and a starting nurse salary from € 35,000 per year + all kinds of extras. In addition, there are various options for pursuing your professional ambition, including employer-paid training and career progression within the hospital. The choice is yours. Eduployment is your stepping stone. Since 2002.

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