Nursing jobs abroad: work as a nurse in the Netherlands

In a lot of countries finding a decent job in healthcare is hard. That’s exactly why Pleyade offers foreign nurses a chance at nursing jobs abroad. In the Netherlands to be exact. After following an educational program in which you’ll learn to understand and speak Dutch and get used to the Dutch customs and protocols in healthcare, we present you a vast amount of career options that range from caretaking in nursing homes to working in hospitals.

Do you have what it takes to work abroad as a nurse? Then read all about our Eduployment Program for certified nurses.

More on the educational program

You can’t excel in nursing jobs abroad when you don’t comprehend the client’s needs. Therefore, it’s essential you’ll learn to understand the Dutch language and how to express yourself. So the educational program starts with an introductory course in which you’ll dive into the most important words and expressions. After that, you’ll be able to join us in the Netherlands for 3 months to get acquainted with your future colleagues and clients.

In this period you’ll perform some Activities of Daily Living (ADL) for residents at one of our nursing homes. Pleyade arranges your housing and offers you a competitive salary, while you still have plenty of time left to explore the country and overthink your decision to work abroad as a nurse in our organization.

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The next step

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To continue at Pleyade, means to proceed to the next step: an advanced course in which you’ll continue to work on your language skills until you have reached to required level to pass the mandatory state examination, which is a requirement for applying for an obligated nurse registration.

Now all your hard work pays off and you can benefit from all our career opportunities while we’re still offering you programs for personal and professional growth as a nurse.

In short

When you apply at Pleyade for nursing jobs abroad, you are investing valuable time and effort into working at our organization. In return, we take care of the rest. Amongst other things, we offer you:

  • a free beginner’s course with an introductory period in which you get paid
  • a free follow-up program to get your language skills to the required level of a professional nurse
  • help during all periods of your study
  • arranged housing during your language training (if the course is outside your place of residence)
  • competitive salaries with extra payments for working irregular hours, overtime and on Sundays and public holidays
  • a continuous development program for personal and professional growth
  • and an introduction to other healthcare institutions after two years (if you think it is time for a career switch)
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About Pleyade’s nursing jobs abroad

Pleyade’s nursing jobs abroad consists of providing care and assistance for our clients in and around the vibrant city of Arnhem, which is located in the eastern part of the Netherlands at approximately an hour’s drive from Amsterdam. Our activities range from assisting the elderly so they can continue to live independently to providing care and support in nursing homes, general hospitals and psychiatric hospitals.

More info about our organization? Read more about Pleyade and our unique Eduployment Program for nursing jobs abroad.