The Eduployment Programme

Immersive assistant nurse work opportunities in the Netherlands

Assistant nurse annual salary from approx. €41,000 to €57,000 gross

Enhance your assistant nurse career and professional confidence in the Dutch healthcare system

If you are an EEA-resident and already have your Italian OSSS or Greek (D)IEK degree of an assistant nurse, this programme is meant for you.
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions after reading this information.

You must have heard about the hospitality and the open-hearted vibe of Amsterdam?

This progressive city is known for its cutting-edge contribution to the arts and culture, business, politics, and social policy, and also for its historical importance. Come and experience it for yourself as well as maximise your assistant nurse career potential!

Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands. In healthcare, the Netherlands is among the
TOP 10 countries in the world. And within Europe, the Netherlands yields only to Switzerland.

Amsta, one of our partner organisations, is a large Amsterdam-based healthcare institution focused solely on Amsterdam, offering you a high-paying, professionally and personally rewarding job as well as an assistant nurse career advancement opportunity in Amsterdam.

Amsta offers care and support at more than 30 locations, mostly historic buildings in the city of Amsterdam.
Therefore you will learn how to perform ADL-care (Activities of Daily Living) during your internship. This is fundamental to your profession as a nurse.

If you choose to take this opportunity and come to the Netherlands to work as a nursing assistant, besides the good salary with all kinds of extras, you will ALSO have the possibility to obtain your EU-recognised nursing diploma while you work, and your study time will be paid for as work time!*

*Instead of studying for another 4-5 years to get your degree in nursing, as you would in your home country, the Eduployment nursing programme gives you an opportunity to do that in 2 years while you are in a well-paid job and your employer pays for your study time as work time, plus you will be reimbursed for your tuition fees, book fees, etc.

How does the Assistant Nurse programme work?

To be able to work according to your profession and level in the Netherlands, you will need to learn the Dutch language up to level B1 (generic and professional); we will teach you for free since your future employer sponsors your tuition – there will just be a deposit which will be returned to you after the completion of the course, and a fee for digital books. The classes are online and you can connect from wherever you are.

At the end of the language training, before you start working as an assistant nurse in the Netherlands, we will register you for the Dutch State Exam. We will also start the procedure for the Dutch recognition of your assistant nurse diploma. This will give you the authority to work in the Netherlands as a VIG (‘Verzorgende Individuele Gezondheidszorg’ in Dutch) which is a healthcare provider (personal (health) care assistant with additional nurse qualifications) and the right to an appropriate high salary with extras.

In the meantime, in addition to your paid work, you will continue with your study of Dutch to achieve level B2. This, as well as demonstrating your knowledge of the Dutch healthcare system in practice, will allow you to apply for the 2-year part-time training to become an EU-recognised certified nurse. With this diploma you can also work as a nurse in your own country. Not only is the training time paid as working time, but the tuition fees, book fees, etc. are also reimbursed for you. In this way, Eduployment presents you with a unique opportunity to give your assistant nursing career an extra boost and to do it for free.

After arriving:

We ensure that a furnished and comfortable accommodation in Amsterdam is ready for you upon your arrival in the Netherlands. During the initial period you only pay €275 per month – a real bargain for Amsterdam!

And when you’re looking for a permanent accommodation, due to your direct employment contract with Amsta, you will be entitled to help from the Municipality of Amsterdam and you will be put on a priority list for the limited resource of affordable housing available in the Municipality of Amsterdam.

We also assist you with various formal procedures, such as recognition of professional qualifications, applying for subsidies for your health insurance, applying for the European subsidy, etc.

Working as an assistant nurse at Amsta:

At Amsta, you will find yourself in a friendly work environment with a good balance between social life and work.

Your working week will consist of max 36 hours, with a maximum of 5 working days in a row out of 7 calendar days, where overtime, holidays and weekends are paid extra. You will enjoy 32.9 paid days of holidays per year, 8% holiday pay each year in May and an 8.33% bonus in December.

Your commitment is as follows: you will be committed to working in Amsta for 2 years. Once you’re in your 2nd year and you make a decision to stay on in Amsta after your 2-year commitment, you can participate in the training for your EU recognized diploma in nursing at the expense of your employer, as described earlier.

After your commitment period, you will be free to stay on, move on to another employer within our organisation, move on to an employer outside of our organisation, or return to your own country. The choice is yours – you can count on our ongoing support, regardless of what you choose to do.

More about Amsta

One of our partner employers is Amsta, specialising in the support, care and nursing of people with physical disabilities, dementia and/ or intellectual disabilities, as well as people who need ambulatory guidance. Owing to the knowledge and experience in the fields of Korsakov, long-term psychiatric problems, short-stay recovery and rehabilitation, Amsta occupies a leading nursing position in the Netherlands.

More about Amsterdam and the Netherlands

Are you eager to take an independent, fresh look at the world – and yourself? Let Amsterdam redefine your perspective. This progressive city is known for its cutting edge contributions to the arts, business, politics, and social policy, and for its historical importance as well.

Amsterdam is one of the most popular destinations in Europe, attracting over 7 million international travellers annually. It is a true cultural haven with festivals all year round.

The 17th-century Canals of Amsterdam were listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2010, contributing to Amsterdam’s fame as the “Venice of the North”.
Amsterdam is a city that will get under your skin in the best possible way. The sense of history, serenity, landscapes and diversity combine for a peaceful yet impetuous mix. This makes it one of the most romantic and beautiful cities in Europe.

And Amsterdam is the capital city of the Netherlands, the country that holds a steady position among the world’s top places to live and work in. It may be a small country in size, but certainly not in impact. With its liberal social policies, maritime trading traditions and fight to keep the sea from land, its robust multiculturalism and leading technological communication, the Dutch lifestyle is a mosaic of cultural intrigue.

The Netherlands has a rich history that is still visible in its cities. Because of the short distances, they can be reached quickly. No precious time is lost because of long travel times. The public transport and the road network are of high quality. Everything is within easy reach.

It is also the land of clogs and windmills. Of rivers and canals. Of bicycles and boats. Of green polders and beautiful cities like Amsterdam and Utrecht. It’s a country with truly wonderful and truly curious sides: wide sandy beaches, brightly coloured fields of tulips, spotted cows and artists that the whole world comes to see. These are some of the reasons that make your stay or, indeed, life here so unique and cool!


Your Contract

You are hired and employed directly by the Dutch nursing home. There will be no temporary employment agency that takes profits from you.

With a direct contract you have the guarantee that you fall under the Dutch collective employment agreement for Nursing, Care Centers and Home Care, also known as CAO-VVT. The collective employment agreement covers everyone who is working in nursing, care homes and in home care, and directly employed by the care center.

The nursing homes which we work with treat their people thoughtfully. They evaluate the balance between work, further training and private life. The basis for maintaining that balance is financial security. That is why they give you a contract based on full-time, which means 36 hours a week with a maximum of 5 consecutive working days, after which you will get at least 2 days off. Each year of experience is rewarded with an extra periodical, as the table below shows.

When you finish the Eduployment programme and your ambition is to switch to a position in the hospital, psychiatry or first line care, Eduployment can also help you. There are multiple options for personal growth.


  • Payment for at least 36 hours of work per week, if
    more, extra payment;
  • When working nights, on Sundays, public holidays and/or overtime, you will receive an additional payment;
  • Paid annual holidays: approx. 7 weeks (32.9 working days), including compensation for Dutch public holidays;
  • An annual holiday allowance paid out in May of 8% of
    the gross monthly salary and overtime received in the
    past 12 months;
  • An annual payment paid out in December of 8.33% of the gross monthly salary received in the past 12 months;
  • Participation in the Dutch national retirement fund,
    and employers’ contribution to the pension fund
    for people in healthcare (supplementary benefit in
    addition to the national retirement fund);
  • Reimbursement of all statutory compulsory training
    and refresher courses.

Payment for irregular hours up to €6,500 gross per year in addition to the basic salary:

  • Additional salary when working at night, Sundays and on public holidays. For working hours in the evening and in the weekend, you get paid extra above the basic salary. Evening hours during the week 22% (8.00 p.m. – 10.00 p.m.) and 44% (10.00 p.m. – 7.00 a.m.).
  • Hours on Saturday 38% (6.00 a.m.– 8.00 a.m. and 12.00 p.m. – 10.00 p.m.) and 49% (10.00 p.m. – 6.00 a.m.). Sunday hours are 60% extra.

Full-time salary (36 hours per week)

Time in role
Salary scale
Reference number
Gross per month*
Net per year*
1st year
FWG 40/0
2nd year
FWG 40/1
3rd year
FWG 40/2
4th year
FWG 40/3
5th year
FWG 40/4
Increase every year up to
11th year
FWG 40/10

*May be supplemented with additional duties indicated in ‘nursing salaries’. Payment overtime and irregular hours up to €6,500 gross a year on top of the basic salary.

Development possibilities:

At Eduployment there are always multiple options for personal growth, for example:

  • Internal possibilities in the nursing home:
    • Becoming an EU-recognised nurse
    • Specialist in geriatric nursing
  • External possibilities:
    • Nurse in a general hospital
    • Nurse in a psychiatric hospital
Data on this page is based on Dutch laws and regulations, as valid on 1 March 2024