Work in Holland for Lithuanian nurses

In some countries, healthcare jobs are not there for the taking. However, in the Netherlands exists a lack of certified, professional caretakers. That’s why Pleyade provides the opportunity to work in Holland for Lithuanian nurses. Our nursing jobs are preceded by the Eduployment Program, an educational procedure in which you’ll be equipped with all the tools and knowledge to make your nursing career a success.

It is initially meant for already certified nurses, but there is also an internship program designed for nursing students. In order to provide the best care and support for our clients and patients, it is crucial to understand their needs. Therefore, both programs start with an introductory course in Dutch language, which is given in Lithuania.

Want to know more about our educational program and the opportunities to work abroad for Lithuanian nurses? Or more information about the merits of working at Pleyade? Check the full contents of Eduployment Program and apply directly!

The Eduployment Program: a short summary​

Applying for work in Holland for Lithuanian certified nurses and nursing students requires you to sign up for the Eduployment Program first. It’s easily done through the website. After application, you’ll follow the introductory course in which you’ll learn the most important words and basic phrases of the Dutch language, so you can ultimately communicate with both clients and colleagues.

Introductory period for certified nurses
Next, we invite you to come over to the Netherlands for a paid introductory period. During this 5-month period, you’ll get accustomed to the protocols in Dutch healthcare by performing ‘Activities of Daily Living’ for our clients.  Of course, this won’t be for nothing. Besides a competitive salary, we will arrange your housing and you also receive extras and excellent coaching.

Introductory period for nursing students
As a nursing student this introductory period is a 6-month internship, where you can apply for the Erasmus scholarship, see also our special Erasmus program. During your internship it is possible to indicate if you want to come back for paid work at Pleyade after graduation. If so, after graduation you can also participate in the second part of the program (the follow-up program) and continue with the other qualified nurses

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The program continues…

Greek students Program a

Joining the follow-up program, you’ll advance to another course in which facets of the Dutch language and healthcare protocols are further explained. The course prepares you for the obligatory state exam, which is required to pass for applying for a nurse registration. The registration is needed to be able to apply for jobs in healthcare institutions as nursing homes, general hospitals, psychiatric institutes and private clinics.

After being registered, you can take full advantage of all our job positions while continuing to improve your nursing skills through personal development programs and additional training. We’ll provide everything you need for your dream job as a professional caretaker.

Your benefits

Signing up for the Eduployment Program, and ultimately for work in Holland for Lithuanian nurses, you are investing valuable time and effort into working at our organization. In return, we take care of the rest. So, amongst other things, we offer you:

  • a free beginner’s course with an introductory period in which you get paid
  • a free follow-up program to get your language skills to the required level of a professional nurse
  • help during all periods of your study
  • arranged housing during your language training (if the course is outside your place of residence)
  • competitive salaries with extra payments for working irregular hours, overtime and on Sundays and public holidays
  • a continuous development program for personal and professional growth
  • and an introduction to other healthcare institutions after two years (if you think it is time for a career switch)
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Opportunities to work in Holland for Lithuanian nurses

At Pleyade, our work in Holland for Lithuanian nurses consists primarily of caring for our clients in and around the vibrant city of Arnhem, which is located at approximately an hour’s drive from Amsterdam. Your activities may finally range from supporting the elderly to providing the needed care for patients and clients in nursing homes, general hospitals and other healthcare institutions.

More info about our organization? Read more about Pleyade and our unique Eduployment Program for certified nurses and nursing students.