Nursing work in Europe - The Netherlands

Are you looking for nursing work? Why not try a healthcare career abroad? In some European countries the number of healthcare vacancies is limited or otherwise heavily underpaid. But not in the Netherlands. Because we’re experiencing a severe lack of certified nurses in Holland, chances of a successful career in healthcare accompanied by a competitive salary drastically improve.

At Pleyade, a Dutch healthcare organization, we offer EU certified nurses and nursing students several positions in various healthcare institutions. Whether you want to provide care in nursing homes or in a general or psychiatric hospital, Pleyade certainly has some nursing work that fits you like a glove. However, joining our unique educational program is required first.

The Eduployment Program, as it’s called, prepares you for a flourishing career in the Netherlands. In it you will get acquainted with the Dutch language, customs and healthcare protocol, all while you benefit from things like help with housing, great paychecks and more than enough spare time to explore the country. Read all about the Eduployment Program and apply now for a seat!

The program in a nutshell

Whether you are a student or already got a nursing degree, it all starts with an introductory course paid for by Pleyade and given in your own home country. The course will teach you the beginnings of Dutch language, so you’ll be able to understand and express yourself in a basic way. After that, we’ll invite you to come over to experience the Dutch healthcare first hand.

Greek students Program a

For students, within the framework of Erasmus

Greek students Program a

For 6 months you’ll be working with your fellow nurses at Pleyade, performing ‘Activities of Daily Living’ for our clients and getting accustomed to our healthcare protocols. The intention for your participation in the Eduployment program is coming back to work as a graduated nurse at Pleyade, after finishing the whole language program that is offered (including a second intensive language course, help with practicing state exams and registration as a nurse in the official registry (BIG) for healthcare workers). After the first 3 months of this internship you will be asked to confirm this intention in the form of a signed commitment and then you will enter an additional, more in-depth phase. In other words, your internship will then be extended with practicing specific and technical nursing duties (under supervision). If you feel like you don’t want to sign this intention-declaration for a future at Pleyade, the rest of your internship will continue the same way as the first 3 months and after that you are completely free to quit the program.

For qualified nurses

For qualified nurses who have chosen Pleyade right from the start, there is an aproximately 5-month introductory period at Pleyade in between the language courses. You are then introduced to your future living and working environment and the Dutch healthcare setting. During this period you work as an assistant with your Dutch colleagues and receive a full salary. That gives you the opportunity to replenish your financial resources.

After obtaining the registration in the official nursing registry BIG (which you can receive after succesfully finishing the second language course and language state exam), you’ll be able to apply for nursing work in nursing homes and general and psychiatric hospitals. While you start a thriving career, we’ll keep offering you opportunities to develop additional skills or specialize yourself in one or more disciplines.

Pleyade eduployment

What’s in it for you?

Fysio pleyade

When you’re looking for nursing work, Pleyade in the Netherlands is the right place for you. For investing valuable time and effort into working at our organization, we offer you the following:

  • a free beginner’s course with an introductory period in which you get paid
  • a free follow-up program to get your language skills to the required level of a professional nurse
  • help during all periods of your study
  • contribution to housing expenses during your language training (if the course is outside your place of residence)
  • competitive salaries with extra payments for working irregular hours, overtime and on Sundays and public holidays
  • a continuous development program for personal and professional growth
  • and an introduction to other healthcare institutions after two years (if you think it is time for a career switch)

Pleyade’s nursing work

Pleyade is a Dutch healthcare organization where over 1,300 employees and 600 volunteers strive each day to provide the best care and support for those who need it. We operate in and around the lively city of Arnhem, which is located at approximately an hour’s drive from Amsterdam. Our nursing work there consists of assisting the elderly in nursing homes, helping patients recover after hospitalization and healthcare activities as needed in hospitals or private clinics. In short, there’s always nursing work that suits you perfectly.

More info about our Pleyade? Let our nursing work inspire you and apply now for the Eduployment Program!