Nurse jobs in private hospitals

In some countries finding jobs in healthcare is hard. Finding nurse jobs in private hospitals might be even harder. However, in the Netherlands there is a shortage of healthcare staff in both general hospitals and private clinics. At Eduployment we try to fill that gap by selecting and training certified nurses and nursing students from in the EU.

We’ve developed educational programs that will prepare you for a flourishing nursing career with good conditions and a competitive salary. With language training and real experiences in Dutch healthcare you get all the tools you need to do what you love: caring for those who need it most. Whether that is in a nursing home or in one of our nurse jobs in private hospitals.

We’ve got two kinds of programs: one for EU certified nurses and one for EU nursing students. Click whatever button is relevant for you and discover the full contents of each program or read on and check out our programs in a nutshell.

In summary

All our vacancies, and especially nurse jobs in private hospitals, require you to provide the best care possible. That’s only possible if you understand a client’s needs, so that is why we need you to be able to communicate in Dutch language. Therefore both the programs for EU certified nurses and EU nursing students start with an introductory language course.

Given that there are enough applicants, this course can be followed in your own home country and is free of charge, besides the mandatory study app (€25). If there aren’t enough participants, following the course elsewhere can be discussed. Anyway, the introductory course will teach you the most basic and important words and phrases in Dutch healthcare.

Greek students Program a

Time for some work experience

Greek students Program a

After completing the introductory course, we invite you over to the Netherlands to experience first hand what’s it like to work at a Ducth nursing home. This step is different for students and certified nurses:

Erasmus students

Nursing students follow our so-called Erasmus+ Internship program. In this program you’ll be performing activities of daily living for our clients for about 6 months. Free housing is arranged and you’ll also get a scholarship which you can use to have some fun in your spare time.

Certified nurses

Certified nurses first follow a more intensive, full-time introductory language course before coming over to the Netherlands for a paid introduction period of approximately 5 months. During this time you’ll benefit from subsidized housing and we will already pay you a competitive salary with extra payments for working irregular hours or more than 36 hours a week.

Continue or stop?

After 2 to 3 months in their internship, EU nursing students will have to decide whether they want to continue the program of quit. When you want to continue you can apply for the commitment program which grants you a lot of extras. Already EU certified nurses have previously signed up for the commitment program and cannot stop beforehand.

Continuing also means you’ll roll into a more advanced class in which you will learn about with the Dutch language and our healthcare protocols even more. Right until you know everything you need to pass the state exam and apply for one of our nurse jobs in private hospitals.

Your benefits

As a foreign EU nurse or nursing student, you are investing valuable time and effort into learning a new language and getting all the skills you need in nurse jobs in private hospitals and other healthcare institutions. We acknowledge it takes hours of hard work. So in return, we try to make your stay as comfortable and fun as possible. Amongst other things, we offer:

For Erasmus students

  • a free beginner’s course with an introductory period in which you get Erasmus scholarship
  • free living space in the Netherlands
  • dinner on internship days
  • contact person in your own native language

    And when you’ve been admitted to the commitment program:

  • contribution for expenses of medical checks up to €50) obligatory Erasmus insurances up to €65 and travel expenses up to €250 after successfully completing the 6 month internship
  • additional language training and opportunities to practice nursing procedures
  • free use of storage facilities for returning for the follow-up program
  • help during all periods of your study
  • a guaranteed job with good working conditions, a competitive salary and paid vacation days (approximately 7 weeks a year)

Certified nurses

  • a free beginner’s course with an introductory period in which you get paid
  • a free follow-up program to get your language skills to the required level of a professional nurse
  • help during all periods of your study
  • contribution to housing expenses housing during your language training (if the course is outside your place of residence)
  • competitive salaries with extra payments for working irregular hours, overtime and on Sundays and public holidays
  • a continuous development program for personal and professional growth
  • and an introduction to other healthcare institutions after two years (if you seek a new challenge)
Fysio pleyade

About our nurse jobs in private hospitals

After completing the educational program we’ll offer you a wide range of healthcare vacancies, including nurse jobs in private hospitals. In most of our jobs you’ll be working in and around the city of Amsterdam, but we work also together with nursing homes in other parts of the Netherlands.

So, are you interested in our programs and ultimately in nurse jobs in private hospitals in the Netherlands? Then you might want to check out the details of the Eduployment Program for EU certified nurses or the Erasmus+ Internship Program for EU nursing students. Also, feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding the educational programs or our vacancies.