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Residential locations

We Cherish Contact

Pleyade provides supportive care, nursing, rehabilitation and assistance in the city of Arnhem and the surrounding region. We do this at both our residential locations and clients’ homes. We are committed to making our clients feel well on a daily basis. At Pleyade we want the clients to maintain control over their own life. This is something we achieve together. The clients decide how they want to live and our employees and volunteers work together in order to realise this. We are engaged, respectful and give genuine attention to each individual. We cherish client contact.

We serve people in three main departments. At Pleyade Home Care, we make elderly people live independently at home through professional care, nursing and support. At Pleyade Rehabilitation, we offer a pleasant way to convalesce after hospitalisation. Eventually, when it turns out impossible to live independently, we offer our clients a new home in one of our locations for housing, care and nursing. We offer a safe and familiar environment 24 hours a day.

To increase the well-being of care recipients, Pleyade organises fun and personalised activities. There is, for example, a Pleyade skybox reserved for clients to watch the local football club Vitesse Amsterdam.

The man in the picture, Mr Holthuisen is a former football player of Vitesse Arnhem. Pleyade arranged a special meeting with the club director during a football match.

Vitesse Eduployment Pleyade

Innovation in Healthcare

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Pleyade actively seeks to improve and modernise healthcare. Therefore Pleyade teams up with the Technical University of Eindhoven. Together they are managing multiple innovative projects. For example, a smart compass that directs clients to their home, like a simplified Google maps navigation and an experience room where demented elderly can independently listen to their favourite music, see family pictures, etc.

Tinybot Tessa

Robot Tessa (picture) is a flowerpot-shaped robot that helps elderly people to organise their lives. For example, Tessa reminds people of calendar events. Several clients at Pleyade make use of Tessa. It doesn’t only assist the elderly, it is also a relief for caregivers.

Nurses at Pleyade

The role as a nurse at Pleyade is constantly developing. In our organisation, we work with the following disciplines:

  • Geriatric nurses
  • Triage nurses
  • Centre nurses
  • District nurses
  • Nursing specialists

Geriatric nurses

Focus on making treatment plans, conduct behavioural observations and analyses and in some cases perform nursing procedures for our clients.

Triage Nurses

Perform triage work, determine urgency based on requirements and act on it. They determine which medical teams should be engaged. The Pleyade triage nurses work in a mobile nursing team.

Centre Nurses

Work at one of our residential locations. They are part of a team and perform nursing duties based on their knowledge and expertise. These nurses are also expected to participate in workgroups, develop areas of specialisation, and coach / develop colleagues in order to improve quality. Centre nurses also provide training / clinical lessons to the team.

District Nurses

Only work in home care. District nurses visit people at home. Often elderly people or people recovering from an operation. District nurses indicate what care is necessary and communicates this with the health insurance provider, the local doctor, hospital and caregivers.

Nursing Specialist

This is the ultimate role for  nurses with the ambition to further specialise into their field of study. As a nursing specialist the treatment responsibility goes further than a General Practice Nurse as, for example, they can write certain prescriptions according to general formulas. Practice research is also a part of this role. Nursing specialists work closely with, and receive supervision from a geriatric medical specialist.

The combination of many duties makes being a nurse at Pleyade a fun and varied job with professional responsibilities and challenges. We have an open atmosphere with space to learn from each other and develop your own ideas. After all, we all take responsibility for the quality of care of our residents!

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Brief Introduction to Arnhem

Arnhem is a vibrant city in the eastern part of the Netherlands, about an hour’s drive from Amsterdam. The city has plenty to offer for all ages. You can go shopping in the city center or enjoy one of the many city parks. Arnhem has several creative events to offer, such as the Arnhem Fashion Festival and The World Living Statues Festival. Attractions, such as the Royal Burgers Zoo and the Dutch Open Air Museum attracts millions of visitors each year.
Arnhem is located in the midst of spectacularly green surroundings with the Veluwe national park on one side and the flood plains area on the other. The city has beautiful parks and magnificent country estates.
The city is the hometown of big creative companies, such as Introdans and the Gelders Orchestra. The GelreDome football stadium serves as the home of football club Vitesse Arnhem. The stadium also regularly hosts concerts from worldwide stars such as Shakira (2006), Rihanna (2010, 2011) and Justin Bieber (2016).
Arnhem has a rich history. The city is famous for the Battle of Arnhem which took place in and around Arnhem from 17th to 25th September 1944 as part of Operation Market Garden. The history is reflected throughout the city, both in monumental buildings and in architecture.
Altogether Arnhem is a great place to live. Learn more about Arnhem