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Looking for a job elsewhere? Well, you’ve come just to the right place because at Eduployment we have several opportunities for finding work abroad. Since there exists a serious lack of healthcare professionals in the Netherlands, we’re always looking for EU certified nurses that want to work in Holland. All our job vacancies are, according to the principles of supply and demand, accompanied by a competitive salary and good working conditions.

However, finding work abroad isn’t easy. Especially in healthcare professions it is important to be able to understand and express yourself in your client’s language. After all, comprehending their needs and wishes is essential for providing the best care possible. But don’t worry about that. We’ve got you covered with an educational program that prepares you for a career in Dutch healthcare in the best way imaginable: The Eduployment Program.

Read more about our program and discover all our opportunities for finding work abroad!

A brief summary

The Eduployment Program is developed for EU certified nurses residing in the EU. It begins with an introductory language course which doesn’t require any tuition fees from your side and is given in your own home country. Over a few months you’ll learn the most basic and important words and phrases in the Dutch language. Afterwards we’ll invite you over for a paid introduction period at our organization.

During the paid inroduction period you’ll perform some ‘activities of daily living’ for our clients, while getting used to the customs in Dutch healthcare and meeting possible future colleagues. In the meanwhile we’ll offer you a competitive salary with subsidized housing (studio with colleagues from your country as neighbours) and more than enough spare time to explore the Netherlands. In short, a great way to experience what it’s like to work as a healthcare professional in Holland.

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After the paid period is over, you’ll have to decide whether working in the Netherlands is the right fit for you. If it is, you’ll advance into another language course in which the Dutch healthcare protocols are further explained and in which you’ll master the Dutch language even more. After this course, you’ll be able to successfully take the state exam and apply for a Dutch nurse registration. The registration is needed to apply for almost all of the job vacancies.

What you get

As said, finding work abroad can be challenging. That’s why we try to make your stay at the Netherlands as comfortable as possible. We like it that you signed up for the Eduployment Program and if selected, we believe that there may well be something in return.
Amongst other things, you’ll benefit from:

  • a free beginner’s course with an introductory period in which you get paid
  • a free follow-up program to get your language skills to the required level of a professional nurse
  • help during all periods of your study
  • subsidized housing during your language training (if the course is outside your place of residence)
  • affordable living space (studios) in an apartment building, with colleagues from your country as neighbors.
  • competitive salaries with extra payments for working irregular hours, overtime and on Sundays and public holidays
  • a continuous development program for personal and professional growth
  • and an introduction to other healthcare institutions after two years (if you desire a career switch)
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Finding work abroad with Eduployment

As partner of different healthcare groups in the Netherlands, Eduployment offers you awesome jobs in all different areas of nursing. That, in combination with an unique educational program and great working conditions, makes us an interesting partner for finding work abroad. Read more and sign up for the program to experience it first hand!